Michigan Craft Beef(TM) WAS created to fill the gap between grass-fed beef and commodity beef.  It is non-gmo, antibiotic and hormone free, and produced entirely in Michigan by Moraine Park Farms in Zeeland (lower peninsula) and Ontonagon (upper peninsula).

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What do they eat?

Michigan Craft Beef(TM) is fed a healthy balance of grasses and legumes (alfalfa/clover) that you would expect cattle to eat when grazing pastures, but they are also fed a special blend of natural supplements such as brewers grains (barley), flax, apples and cherries that give Michigan Craft Beef(TM) the DiStinct texture and flavor profile that is unique.

Why we're not grass-fed. . .when we could be:

With over 2,000 acres under our grazing management and the equipment to PRODUCE all of our own hay, we have moved beyond grass-fed beef to create something that meets the needs of chefs, caterers and foodservice distributors: fresh, local beef year round in Michigan. The chart below clearly illustrates how michigan craft beef stands out in the ever-growing world of beef production.

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How do I get it?

Michigan craft beef(TM) is currently available at retailers, Restaurants and directly from the farm.  ask your local butcher shop or microbrewery.  If you can't wait, you can come to the meat store at moraine park farms, 4747 35th street, zeeland, Michigan.


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